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If you are looking for the best in professional gym equipment in Cyprus, Fitness Club is your one and only source. We are a one stop shop for everything you need to outfit your professional gym as well as great products for home gyms. We strive to bring you only the best quality professional gym equipment at prices that can’t be beat. We offer full service including delivery, set-up, and help with any technical problem you encounter.

gym equipment cyprusAt FitnessclubCy we have taken the time to gather the best products on the market in one place. We’ve taken the time to evaluate the market place, only choosing those items that have the best quality and value. We offer a full line of equipment for your cardio and strength training needs. Our product line includes only those manufacturers we feel offer a superior product at a reasonable price.

Home and Professional Gym equipment Cyprus

BH Fitness offers a full line of strength and cardio (aerobic exercise) products including treadmills and stationary bikes. Located in Spain they had their beginnings in the steel industry in 1909 but began manufacturing pedal bicycles in 1919. Since then they have become an industry leader in the manufacture of fitness equipment. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and research they have been able to produce a product that is perfect for a home gym as well as take the punishment of a professional gym.

Ropeflex is by far one of the most innovate products on the fitness market today. Mimicking the experience of rope climbing, a Ropeflex machine can offer some variety to your workout. With several different models, they are designed to test your fitness no matter what level you are. Made from only the highest quality materials backed by the best technology these machines require no maintenance.

Jacobs Ladder is another unique fitness machine that we are happy to include in our line of professional fitness equipment. Created and patented by Steve Nichols Jacobs Ladder is the perfect alternative for those who suffer from back and knee problems. They offer both the tradition design as well as the new stairway model. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes this a must have for anyone with back and knee problems.

TuffStuff is by far the most comprehensive line we carry offering products that cannot be found elsewhere. Offering equipment targeted for specific age groups as well as men and women has given them the edge when it comes to strength training. All TuffStuff equipment is designed and manufactured in their own plant ensuring that you will receive only the highest quality equipment available on the market today. Available in models designed for both residential and commercial applications TuffStuff has the perfect equipment for you.

Impulse is the leading manufacturer of fitness equipment in China. With exceptional quality and value they were named as the supplier of all fitness equipment for the 2012 Olympic Games. They offer a full line of strength training equipment that can be tailored to your needs. With their newly designed line of cardio machines you can enjoy a wide variety of designs. Whether for home or commercial use Impulse has the fitness machine for you.

At FitnessclubCy we offer the professional gym equipment Cyprus has been searching for. With a wide selection you can’t go wrong buying you fitness equipment from us. We are happy to assist you whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes.