Technical information

Transmission:  steel cable 6 mm thick coated PVC with a resistance of 900 kg. Guides:  Calibrated carbon steel and treated dual chrome hardened for better sliding weight plates. Structure:  Steel pipe 3 mm high strength, laser cut for precision, and welded by robotic process.

Padding:  synthetic leather, high density, resistant to perspiration, anti-allergenic and antebacteriano with a double quilted models with an area of use .

more intense paint process:  Steel pickling and stabilized by immersion in different parts desengransantes solutions to ensure a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant to ensure adequate insulation of internal oxidation and good paint adhesion primer.

2 final layers of epoxy polyester powder, dried at 240 ° C. Process design:  Preliminary study of biomechanics and ergonomics under the supervision of professional athletes and partners. After a long period of design, from concept, engineering research, prototyping, testing by professional athletes, for a year, our products enter the market. Tapas and covers:  ABS 3.5 mm thick, translucent and high strength. Protection on both sides, according to EU regulations, to avoid any possible damage caused by contact with the weight plates.Handles:  Neoprene anti-allergenic and non-slip aluminum finish. Braces and supports:  High-density EVA 5 , 8 mm thick with a manual mechanism with a bolt. 3M to ensure the safety of support. Laser-etched numbered positions.

Platforms:  Made slip material. Weight Selector:  Magnetic rotor ergonomic and safe wiring. Counterweights:  Designed to accommodate optimal biomechanics. limiter career:  Different positions with angle indicator and numbering. Moving parts :  Steel ST52 chamfering, calibration and machining.

Numbering weight plates:  . Numbered and with 3 different colors depending on the level Pulleys:  Nylon with an internal bearing and quiet operation. Levers help: balanced, help eliminate excess weight at beginning of year.



LENGTH 159.6cm

WIDTH 142.6cm

HEIGHT 158cm



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