The Bodytone multipower has all the necessary features for a safe training adapted to all users thanks to its load capacity of up to 200 kg, 10 positions along its solid steel guides, adjustable height safety stops and many more features that make it the ideal multipower for any gym.



Additional information
DIMENSIONS229 x 121 x 231 cm; bar of 38 mm.

WEIGHT183 kg


BEARINGSLinear bearings in rubber to avoid noise and allow a smoother glide, allowing a smooth and pleasant exercise.

GUIDESSolid steel to prevent buckling.

LOADING CAPACITYBar with a capacity of up to 200 kg without buckling. In addition, it has 4 plate supports with a capacity of up to 200 kg.

REGULATORSHeight lock by rotating the bar in 10 positions to adapt the initial or final height to different users.

SECURITYAdjustable security supports to avoid any incidence or injury.

STRUCTUREHigh resistant Steel tube of 3 mm thick, laser cut for more precision and welded by robotized process.

PAINTING PROCESS7 layers of paint. 3 layers of protection and 4 of painting. Steel pickling and stabilized by immersion of the parts in different degreasing solutions to ensure a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant primer to ensure adequate isolation of internal oxidation and good paint adhesion. 2 final coats of epoxy polyester powder paint, dried at 240ºC.

DESIGN PROCESSErgonomic and biomechanical study under our associatedProfessional’s supervision and by professional athletes. After a long design process; from the drawing of the sketch, engineering research, prototypes making, and tested by Professionals athletes our products are released to the market.