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DIMENSIONS179 x 190 x 117 cm


STRUCTURE110×52 mm Steel pipe, 3 mm thick as per UNE EN 10219, quality s-275-J0H. Enriched and optimized to maintain a constant section in the bending process, avoiding fragile areas with low breakage rate. Cold bending process by 4-roller system to avoid deformation during the process, keeping its physical characteristics throughout the piece.

PAINTING PROCESS3 layers of paint. Steel pickling and stabilized by immersion of the parts in different degreasing solutions to ensure a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant primer to ensure adquate isolation of internal oxidation and good paint adhesion. 2 final coats of epoxy paint.

DESIGN PROCESSErgonomic and biomechanical study under our associated professional athletes.After a long design process; from the drawing of the sketch,prototypes making and tested by athletes our products are released to the market.

WELDINGPerimeter closing welding in structural points and union plates.

ASSEMBLY PROCESSES10 mm plate-against Plate system, to avoid looseness and torsion in maximum effort areas.Ergonomic and biomechanical research optimized for every exercise.

SEAT AND BACKLeather simile perspiration resistant,antibacterial and antiallergenic.Back pad,seat pad and rolls in foam 80 kg/m3 density that provides an optimum support for your training and a uniform contact.Resistant to deformation

OTHERSPlate supports made in burnished steel,providing more stability to the machine.Turned Aluminium endings.Screw hardness 10.9.Regulation system by a single bolt made of techno polymer with 750 shear rate.4 non-slip rubber bases.4 non-sñip rubber bases.