STRUCTUREHigh resistant Steel tube (3 mm thick) laser cut for more precision and welded by robotized process.

SEAT AND BACKHigh density Leather simile, perspiration resistant, antibacterial and antiallergenic with double padding in models with intensive use surfaces.

FAIRINGHigh resistant and translucent PVC of 3 mm thick. Machine covers in both sides, according to EU regulations, avoiding possible damages caused by the contact with the weight plates

GRIPSHandles in both sides of the seat. Antiallergenic and nonslip neoprene with solid ALUMINUM end caps.

BACKING AND SUPPORTSHigh density ergonomic foam 65 mm thick with manual mechanism with bolt.

OVER-TRAVEL LIMITERDifferent positions with angle and numbering indicator.

PULLEYNylon with internal bearing. Silent working.

PAINTING PROCESS3 layers of paint. Steel pickling and stabilized by immersion of the parts in different degreasing solutions to ensure a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant primer to ensure adequate isolation of internal oxidation and good paint adhesion. 2 final coats of epoxy polyester powder paint, dried at 240ºC.

DESIGN PROCESSErgonomic and biomechanical study under our associated Professional’s supervision and by professional athletes. After a long design process; from the drawing of the sketch, engineering research, prototypes making, and tested by Professionals athletes our products are released to the market.

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DIMENSIONS191 x 123 x 188 cm

WEIGHT275 kg

LOADING CAPACITY65 kg (optional 85 kg)

ADJUSTMENTSSeat initial position (fore / aft).

TRANSMISSION6 mm thick Steel cable PVC covered of 900 kg of looser resistance.

GUIDESSolid steel and double hardened chrome.

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